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Cardinals in College and Beyond

If you played field hockey at GHS or know someone who did,

we would love to hear from you!

Let us know about your post high school and post college field hockey career



GHS Class of 2018

Sam Chabot   Johns Hopkins

Abril Martinez-Arraya   Connecticut

Zoe Metalios   Columbia


GHS Class of 2017

Beth Williamson   Amherst


GHS Class of 2016

Paige Mautner  Boston University


GHS Class of 2015

Jessica Lagano   Georgetown


GHS Class of 2014

Tania Iskandar   McGill

Sarah Stinebaugh   Hamilton


GHS Class of 2013

Freddie Bancroft   Dickinson

Sydney Cole   Franklin & Marshall


GHS Class of 2012

Emily Brash   Colgate

Liz Stillman   Johns Hopkins


GHS Class of 2009

Brooke Cabrera  Maryland

Julia Esposito   Manhattanville

Storm Kodde  Johns Hopkins

Nicole Matos  St. Lawrence

Meg Williamson  New Hampshire/Quinnipiac


GHS Class of 2006

Brooke Maloney   St. Lawrence

Marlotte van den Bergh   Boston College


GHS Class of 2004

Lindsey McBride   Middlebury


GHS Class of 2003

Courtney Dixon   Lafayette


GHS Class of 1999

Abby Ostruzka   Connecticut


GHS Class of 1993

Courtenay Benedict (Carella)    Harvard


GHS Class of 1990

Kirstie Benedict    Penn State